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you have to tell your parents that you are vegan. there is no way you are getting the good nutrition that you are talking about unless your parents are crazy healthy and buy crap loads of vegetables and fruits, nuts, whole grains, soy milk, etc...

and no, you don't need fake meats or soy butter or any of that crap.

you don't even need to mess with that yet. it'll just freak out your parents.

you need to tell them because if you don't there is no way you will be able to stick with it for very long. and i assume that is what you want?

when i told my mom i was going to go vegan, i didnt ask her, i told her.

i took her to panara, got some soy latte and sat down and told her that being vegan is how i want to live,, and i told her about all the health benefits (stay clear of enironmental benefits cause your parents dont care about the environment, they care about you). i told her that with all the health benefits of being vegan there was no way that i was going to keep eating fatty cholesterol packed foods like cheese, eggs, and milk.

but seriously, you need to tell them. because once you do, you can really be vegan. until then, you will just be scaping the surface of veganism.
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