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If you are well educated about nutrition now I would just be vegan and don't tell them. If they ask you if you want milk then just say it makes you throat feel cloggy or something.

If you do tell them you can do a search for "vegan American Dietetic Association" on your favourite search engine and get all the facts from a non-vegan site.

It would also be good to show them that even athletes do well on a vegan diet.

What has been your experience as a vegan athlete? Have you noticed any performance or health benefits or problems?

Faster recovery times are the primary advantage I've noticed. Since I'm able to recover faster I can train more which of course leads to greater gains. The only negative thing I can say about a vegan diet is the convenience factor. It's of course hard to find balanced vegan food when eating out. Really though it's a small price to pay for the advantages. As more people are becoming vegan it's getting easier to find good food while traveling or eating out.

Make sure you get a b12 supplement.

Good on you for taking the next step.
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