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I was contacted by a woman who is working on an article for Newsweek. If you're interested in helping out please contact her...



I am working on a story for Newsweek magazine about new research showing that animals have feelings and emotions, that they don't just mimic human actions. I'd like to get in touch with people who say they have a relationship with their pet, who feel they've emotionally bonded with their pets, who feel they can really communicate with their pets (like their dog is trying to tell them something more than "I'm hungry" when it barks). In some cases, people might even say they like their pet more than their families. Particularly, I'd like to talk to a pet-owning vegetarian or vegan who decided to become one after realizing that animals have feelings .Perhaps they were spurred on to this decision after a particular encounter with their own pet or another animal.


If you know someone who might like to be interviewed for this story, please have them contact me ASAP.

Contact info removed. She received enough responses - thanks to those who helped!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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