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Hi my cat brought in a mouse and has injured it. when my cat dropped the mouse the mouse sat there, so i gently picked it up with some kitchen roll and put it outside.

it started to walk but it was limping and falling over everytime it did. i then started crying and panicing (i know that doesn't help, but it really upsets me) so then woke my mum(which she wasn't to happy about as she has to get up early for work tommorow) she told me just to leave it and let my other cat get it (the cat that got it doesn't kill mice it just injures them, but the other one kills them)

i can't do that poor little mouse!
so she told me to put it in the gararge, as i didn't have a box or anything, i got aload of kitchen roll and layed it inside the gararge near the door(as there is a little gap in the door where it can escape if it needs to).

i picked the mouse up and put it on the kitchen roll bed, with some sunflower seeds. and shut the door. I asked my mum if she could take it to a rescue centre and she said no!(she said we've done all we can and to let nature take its course plus shes working all day tomorrow, also 'its silly' to take a mouse to a rescue place apparently, but i think a moues life is just as important as any other)

i don't know what to do as it's got a broken leg, also i'm only 15 and am of school at the moment as i am ill. so i cant really do much. WHAT SHALL I DO, WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!! this whole incident happened about an hour ago, as far as i know the mouse is still alive, shall i wait till the morning to see what state it is in then. my mum said there are tons of mice nests in the gararge, so if it does survive it wont be alone.

by the way i'm new
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