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I know its not that great but i dont know that many vegetarians/vegans and i need this to be filled out. It would be greatly appreciated.


This survey is to help me figure out what in put in my all-vegetarian store. I need to know various information to help me help you satisfy your needs.

1) Age






2) Income






3) Area of residence

\tNorth Niagara Falls

\tSouth Niagara Falls

\tEast Niagara Falls

\tWest Niagara Falls

\tIf other please specify______________

4) Family size

\t1 person

\t2 people

\t3 people

\t4 people

\t5 or more people

5) Do you have access to a car



6) Are you Male or female?




7) What type of vegetarian are you?

\tLacto Ovo Vegetarian

\tLacto Vegetarian




\tSemi vegetarian

\tI am Not a Vegetarian

8) Do you like trying new things?




9) Do you like sampling foods while shopping?




10) Do you read vegetarian magazines?



11) What vegetarian Magazines do you read?

\tVegetarian Times

\tVeggie Life



\tThe vegetarian journal


12) How much would you expect to pay for a T.V. Dinner?






13) Would you expect to pay expensive prices?



\tDepends on what the product is

14) Would you expect to pay cheaper prices then regular grocery stores?



\tIt would be great

15) Would you like to have a restaurant available in or near the store?



\tIt doesnt matter to me

16) Do you read the local newspaper?




\tVery rarely

17) Are you more likely to go to a store if you see lots if advertising for it?



18) Where do you see most for advertising?

\tOn billboards

\tIn newspapers

\tOn television

\tOn the radio

19) Do you like listening to music while shopping?



20) What kind of music do you like listening to while shopping?





\tI dont like listening to music while I shop

\tOther ___________

21) Would you be more likely to go to a store if it is located near a main shopping plaza?



22) Number of vegetarians/vegans in your house?





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