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If you are dining in Chi-town don't go to these restaurants below!

I was surprised to see Connie's Pizza on the list. I don't remember them having anything like that - they are more of a pizza joynt!

From Farm Sanctuary:

Illinois Animal Advocates:

You Can Help Enforce the Historic

Chicago Foie Gras Sales Ban!

It took a lot of time and energy to pass the foie gras sales ban in Chicago, but some chefs are acting in violation of the law and serving this cruel product. Now, your help is needed to enforce Chicago's foie gras sale ban.

If you see foie gras being sold, please file a complaint. Call the Chicago Health Dept. at 312-746-8030 during business hours or leave a message at 311 during evenings/weekends.

Ask for the Food Protection Division and tell them you want to make a food complaint.

Give them the name of restaurant, address and date/time you saw foie gras being served.

Click here to file a complaint online.


A Chicago restaurant has finally been busted for breaking foie gras sales ban!

Other possible offenders who may still be selling foie gras are:

Bin 36

BJ's Market

Block 44


Connie's Pizza


Custom House

Harry Caray's

North Pond

Sweets & Savories


X/O Chicago

More on Chicago's Foie ras Ban
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