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Hi all

It's been a while since I posted but need some help please.
I've been told I probably have ME which docs think is being caused by a build up of thrush in the gut (brought on by starting on HRT, which isn't cool but has been a life saver for me) and have been told to go onto a Candida diet which means cutting out sugars, wheat and dairy produce from my diet for at least two months but preferably six.
I've been a veggie for nearly 30 years but must admit I'm a pretty lazy one and buy lots of processed veggie food. I work full time (shifts) and have quite a few animals so don't have a lot of free time. At the mo my hubby does all the cooking (he eats meat) and I do the majority of household stuff.
Has anyone had to do this diet before or have any tips.
All info gratefully received
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