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Hi all

It's been a while since I posted but need some help please.
I've been told I probably have ME which docs think is being caused by a build up of thrush in the gut (brought on by starting on HRT, which isn't cool but has been a life saver for me) and have been told to go onto a Candida diet which means cutting out sugars, wheat and dairy produce from my diet for at least two months but preferably six.
I've been a veggie for nearly 30 years but must admit I'm a pretty lazy one and buy lots of processed veggie food. I work full time (shifts) and have quite a few animals so don't have a lot of free time. At the mo my hubby does all the cooking (he eats meat) and I do the majority of household stuff.
Has anyone had to do this diet before or have any tips.
All info gratefully received

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I have, it is totally possible, you just have to be dedicated to sticking to it.

absolutely no white flour, and pretty much nothing else white is a good rule of thumb to stick by.
depending on your particular situation some fruit may be ok but limit it and know you may have to eliminate it.
no alcohol whatsoever, not even a sip!
no sugars, especially hfcs.
limit intake of fats, no hydro fats at all. nuts and avocados is pretty much it.

the best way to make this easy is to load up on veggies. brown rice is ok, quinoa is great, oatmeal is ok for some (not all however).
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