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Hi guys, i'm new here.

I spent lots of time yesterday reading this forum so I thought it would be nice to introduce myself.

I've been a vegetarian since I was 14 (I'm 22), and I finally became a vegan about a year ago. It was a very difficult process! My diet was based on dairy, it really was my number one comfort food (I didn't really like eggs and cooked without them for monatary reasons) and also the easiest thing for me to digest, as I have some digestion problems. (To give you an idea, I drank skim milk and ate cottage cheese; I hated soy milk cause I tought it was too oily.
) Buuuut, in the last months I learned SO MUCH about cooking and food in general, now I know how to cook delicious and healthy meals, a lot better for my health than what I ate when I was a vegetarian. I have so much fun cooking and learning new recipes, and I'm -so- proud of myself.

I have the chance to live in a vegan-friendly environnement: my best friend is vegan, and I live with a vegetarian who agrees to have a vegan house. My mother is also vegetarian, and agrees to eat vegan when we're together. She's also slowly cutting her dairy consumption, but she's allergic to soy so it's a bit complicated for her. so yeah, I have respectful people close to me, but I do feel oppressed by the meat-dairy-eggs promotion and normalization I see and feel everywhere.

Wow, sorry I'm babbling, just one last thing: in the next months I want to write a zine with vegan recipes and an articles about why I'm a vegan and a feminist and the links between the two.

I have lots of things to say but I'll keep that for other threads. Just so you know, I'm french and I barely ever speak or write in english, so please forgive my mistakes.

Nice to meet you!

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Welcome to VB!
Congratulations on going vegan!

Your English seems very good
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thank you! but you don't know how long it took me to write that! hehe
I wrote a similar amount in French at school towards my final mark and it took me several months
Trust me, your English is great

Do you live in France? I hear it is verry difficult to be vegetarian or vegan there. :/
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No I live in Quebec (Canada). There's not as many choices for prepared vegan food and faux-meat products as in the USA, but it's pretty easy to be vegan here.
Hi Laurence, welcome to VB!! Your English is great. You're very lucky to have a small yet strong veg*n group around you.
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