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thought I would finally get round to registering - been lurking for ages

anyway, I'm from the greater manchester region of the UK, I've been vegetarian for about 7 years and have finally seen the light and am trying to be vegan. I'm finding it hard adapting my vegetarian meals that my meat eating husband has finally gotten used to, to vegan ones - I seemed to rely on quorn, tvp and cheese quite alot. I need some help I think in the cooking department! Lots of things mentioned on here seem to be american and are not available in the UK or if they are, are well hidden. Any suggestions on a good vegan cook book that doesn't have lots of american ingredients in and doesn't just do measurements in 'cups'?

My only pet at the moment is a white rabbit called Peter - we got him given to us when his owner felt like she wasn't giving him the attention he needed. He is very lively and when I let him roam free in the garden he tries to escape (luckily only into a neighbours garden) I think he hates being in his hutch, poor thing.

Anyway I am rambling now

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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