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Hello! Although I am not new to vegetarianism or veganism, I have fallen off the band wagon for the past couple of years. Now, I am trying to change my eating habits for the better, and I find myself naturally turning to vegetarianism!
I was previously vegetarian, and vegan at some time, during my four high school years. After graduation, I was abroad, and that's when I began to eat meat. My motivation for being vegetarian was questionable, at the time. I initially became vegetarian to be cruelty-free. However, I have been suffering from an eating disorder (not related to becoming vegetarian), and having diet restrictions was part of my vice. I became very unhealthy, and my parents noticed that I was looking very thin and pale. They equated that to an inadequate vegetarian diet, and pressured me to first eat eggs and dairy, and then meat. I gave in, because it took a great emotional toll on my family.
Now, I am in the process of recovery, and I truly want to live, eat, and feel healthy. I still believe that vegetarianism is the right path. I love being vegetarian, and I miss it
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