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Hello! I'm heather, 20 years old, 21 in August, a sophomore in college-Graphic Communication major. I have a boyfriend of 1.5 years who has been a vegetarian himself for 10 years plus some. He gets a lot of credit in my conversion to vegetarianism. I have thought about it for awhile now but living in my house made it really hard and not worth the effort. I've been a non meat eater since October 31, 2006. Yep Halloween!!! And I plan to go completely vegan when I get my own apartment in June. (I can buy my OWN FOOD!!!
I live in the college dorms now and the cafeteria food choices makes it impossible to be vegan unless I choose starvation.

I hope to learn a lot of new things, meet some cool people, and be around others who don't kill bugs and don't eat things that poop.

Oh if you have a facebook add me!!!

And a EllJay...add me add me add meeee! I love friends.
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