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Hello there! :)

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Hi there,
My name is Kikki and I've decided to go vegetarian. It's been 2 weeks and I feel much better, sleep better and I'm happier!

For a long time now I've cut down drastically last year really, since I moved away from home it has been much easier, but I was eating only chicken,salmon once and occasionally mince in my taco.. but that is all, so i cut down piece by piece to finally quit meat for good! I FINALLY DID IT! WOOHOOO :D :D :sunny: :bobo: :pibo: :nana:

I'm here to talk to other veggies :) and to get some help with recipes and tips on restaurants!

I'm 21 year old Swedish girl living in England, I like too cook and bake, watching movies and series for hours, Go on walks and explore in the nature ! I love animals , have a cute little dog back home, And I like to dream away in the tub with some lovely music!

my dream is to work in a lab with Biomedicine, Live in the mountains of Scotland and to be healthy!

that's all about me really, Hope you'll have a lovely day!
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Congratulations kikki! Glad you made it! :up: Welcome to VB!
Yaay thanks! :) I'm well happy with myself :D
Welcome to VB
Welcome to Veggieboards! :hi:
Hello and welcome!
Hi Kikki and a belated welcome to VeggieBoards from me. :up:

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