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Hello! I'm new here...

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Hello Everyone,

Just a quick post to introduce myself, and compliment you on your great boards! I've been lurking for a little while, since a patron of another board I read linked to you.

I'm Sarah, and 29 in real life. I live in Wales in the UK. I made the decision to go veggie just under two months ago, and am so pleased that I did! I had 'dabbled' as a teen, but always caved to pressure from family/friends - I'm the sort of person who is really non-confrontational. I guess I never had the confidence to defend my views back then - even though I knew they were right! Now, when someone asks why I don't eat animal products, I just say 'because I don't want to'. They may get an explanation, but it depends what mood I'm in...

Anyhoo, I'm looking forward to chatting with you guys!

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Welcome to VB!
If you have anything UK-specific to ask/say, we have a United Kingdom thread ... somewhere.
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Oo - thanks! Will go do some scouting...
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Hi Cyrilla and welcome good to see you made your own leap diet wise ...
HI Cyr

Welcome to the wonderful world of veg*nism.

Just wait and see how much extra energy you'll have once all that meat has gotten out of your system.
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Hi Sarah,

Congratulations on deciding to really go veggie
it is great that you found the veggieboards, they honestly can be such a help and comfort

I hope you will enjoy and hopefully we will be seeing you around soon. Welcome!
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