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Hi everyone,

My name is Tony Levin and I do quite a lot of animal rights activist work through an organization I founded called Animal Rights Outreach (ARO). I've been vegan for over seven years and I became vegan a little while after picking up a Why Vegan booklet that was sitting in a pile of booklets at a bus stop. I regularily work at learning about how to be more effective with my activist work, and it makes me feel good to know that I'm involved in changing the world to make it more peaceful.

I think that one of the most important reasons for why I was open to becoming vegan quite quickly is that I have had many close connections with cats throughout my life. I have lived with a number of different cats ever since I was about seven years old and I always thought of these cats as family members. So when I read the Why Vegan booklet that I picked up, I began to realize that animals that are used for food are like cats in so many ways and that they deserve to be allowed to have good lives just like cats or humans. I found it kind of strange how I had never thought about this before and I still find this kind of strange, but I think people are really steered away from thinking about things like this and I was someone in this situation.

Anyway, I'm glad I've found out about this site. I'm pretty busy with a number of things at this time in my life, but I'll try to pop by here occasionally and chat a bit. I also discuss things on the Animal Rights Outreach forum, so you can check out that forum if you're interested in checking out more of my ideas.
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