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Hey there!!

I've been apprehensive to join an online forum as I spend quite enough time at the computer, but I'm currently taking a course in virtual identity for my grad program and it seems to sing the praises of connecting with like-minded people online. Since I've been in LA for nearly 2 years now, and barely met anyone (since I work from home), I figured this was a good thing to try.

I've been a vegetarian/vegan on and off for 20 years now. It became a big part of my identity after writing a paper on factory farming back in high school. Since then I've been very passionate about equality for all beings, but I've fallen off the food wagon a few times over that period. I actively support a number of animal rights and protection organizations, but I try very hard to avoid graphic information as it has a profoundly depressive affect on me. I'm sure all of you probably feel that way too, but I haven't found a way of dealing with the realities of animal abuse without starting to hate humanity (which is a really unhelpful world view).

Having said that, I'm very interested in learning about projects and initiatives that strive to make things better, and I do what I can to support. I'm also very much into health and fitness. I've evolved from being an endurance athlete (running, cycling and well, one half ironman as I hate to swim), to doing mostly yoga and strength training and it seems to work better for me.

In terms of my dietary position, I don't eat any meat (except for a small amount of fish very infrequently), no dairy, but I do buy the "ethical eggs" from whole foods, which I know is always a questionable thing to do, but it's where I am right now.

My goal is to get myself to a place where I'm enjoying a totally vegan diet and I look forward to meeting other like-minded people with the same interests as myself. I'll probably be hanging out in the fitness and LA discussions mostly, and I look forward to learning and connecting.

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