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Hi all,

I think I was a part of the boards years ago, but can't remember my old password so I decided to just start fresh.

My name is Chrissy and I live just outside of Chicago, with my hubby. I look forward to getting to know you all. I have kind of slipped away from my veggie diet over the last year after 5 years of no meat, along with that slip I experienced many health issues, after many doctor visits and test, I have decided that I know my body best and I am going back to what I know works for me. So I may struggle a little over the next little bit but I would appreciate your support as I transition back to a lifestyle I know in my heart was right for me all along.

The one thing I learned in all of this, is that I did have things right for me. I tried what others suggested and my health suffered. Now all those who pushed me see it too. So I know they will keep their mouths shut about my choices.

As I said I look forward to getting to know you all,
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