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Hello one & all,

I've been a vegetarian (ovo-lacto) for around 18 years (although pescitarian for the first 7 of those) and no-one that I socialise with is a veggie, so am feeling quite isolated at times! Not helped my MIL making a huge deal out of it, thankfully she's calmed down after several years of "As long as there's something Rain can eat"!! I have to confess that I have had thoughts of "wouldn't life just be easier if I ate meat" but the thought of eating it turns my stomach - please don't imagine me as Vegetarian Preacher as I never do.
People are shocked that I don't provide a meat dinner for my husband - that might give you an idea of the attitude that I'm surrounded by here in Essex, UK. (He can have meat in the house I just don't cook it.)
I *know* that I should be vegan - all of the reasons I'm vegetarian are the reasons to be vegan too - and I am toying with the idea. I'm thinking I might move gradually onto soya milk and things.

Sorry for the rant - didn't quite realise that was all in there! Other than that I'm recently married with a small dog, working almost full time & studying part time to be a therapist. (And I'm not normally this moany!
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