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Hello everyone

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I actually stumbled upon VB when looking for a pleather jacket for when covering Ramones songs...

but I thought I'd give the forum a look through before joining, just because I'd hate to join one I don't enjoy or visit often.. after a while I decided it was worth it.

My name is Jason, I'm turning 16 in a week and I've been a vegetarian for 3 years come November 1st and I've been a lot happier with my life ever since.

I figured I would give an introduction and say Hey! to everybody.
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Hi Jason

Welcome to the veggieboards!

It's great you turned veggie so young, when I went vegetarian I was around the same age

Covering Ramones hm? Nice!!!

Enjoy the boards
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Hi Jason and welcome ....theres a teen forum , you might want to check out
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Hello, welcome to VB. Nice to have you.
Welcome, Jason!
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Hi Jason and welcome!! The Ramones are cool.
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thanks for the welcoming everybody!
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