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hmm, more information...sorry, i should have included that.

Well, let's see. I became vegetarian at 13 after watching Phases of Death (or is Faces of Death?). I was so grossed out. It actually took me a year to commit to it. See, I'm from a traditional Filipino family where meat is served in practically every dish. I know, it's rare to see a Filipina vegetarian, vegan at that!

Anyway, I volunteer at an animal shelter near a farm. I decided to take a dog for a walk there one day. That's when I saw a cow close up for the first time in my life. I was so saddend to see how they live and what they are inevitably going to be. So, that's when I decided to stop eating dairy. GASP! Life without mint chip ice cream and quesadillas?! Easy as vegan apple pie! And if you think about it, eggs are just nasty. So, that's that. I went vegan cold turkey...for lack of better words.

Shopping has been a frustrating and interesting new experience. I read every label before it goes in my cart. I even have a 'handy-dandy' animal ingrediant booklet with me everywhere I go.

I am deeply passionate about companion animal welfare. I am with an organization that rescues animals from high-kill shelters in Southern Utah. We foster them until they are ready to be placed in a good home. I am also trying to put a stop to Enoch Animal Shelter and the evil, inhumane acts that they practice. But these small city folk are so damn stubborn, they won't budge. -->

I'm just trying to meet vegans because I'm lonely
I hate feeling like the only vegan within a hundred mile radius. Does anyone feel that same way? Or did when they first started out?

I'd just like to get support and tips and all that good stuff. Meet fellow animal lovers, ARA's, and veg*etari*ans.
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