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Yayy! So I'm pretty excited about joining these forums.. hopefully I can learn alot and also make some new vegetarian friends ^^ anyway, about myself..

My name is Kristen ^^ and I'm 15 years old. I live in Houma, Louisiana, a few miles south of New Orleans. (Yes.. their IS land south of new orleans.) In a state crazy about its seafood.. I have decided to become vegetarian. Giving up all meats including seafood.

I decided to become a vegetarian about a month and a half ago.. so I'm relatively new to all this. One day (March 1st) I just decided to stop eating meat. I had been thinking about it for a lonngg time.. and the subject was brought up by my boyfriend.. and I decided to just stop... and I've never touched meat since then. :]

I'm more so a vegetarian for the sake of animals, not so much for my heath (but thats always an added bonus.. I feel great about myself and what I'm doing!) but that being said.. I'm not really a crazy-out-there animal activist. I think its more important to do what *I* can than to try and change peoples views on something. I'm a very strong willed person and I understand that not everyone can just give up meat like I could.

I'm a vegetarian because I care, I guess you could say. :]

But yeah.. out of my group of friends I'm the only vegetarian though I knw 3 other vegertarians.. and I believe I have an aunt and a cousin who are also vegetarians. They all support me.. and many have even cut out alot of meat because of me. That made me very happy. ^^

But anyway, i hope to meet and talk to you all very soon!
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