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Here is a colourful avocado fig salad that's really healthy and sweet, spicy and creamy.<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br><b>Ingredients</b><br><ul><li>3 cups Romaine leaves, torn into bite-sized pieces</li>
<li>1 Red Bell Pepper, chopped into small pieces</li>
<li>1 Avocado, sliced into small pieces</li>
<li>3-4 dried Figs, cut into small pieces</li>
<li>1 Large Tomato, chopped</li>
<li>1/4 Red Onion, minced</li>
<li>1 tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil</li>
<li>3-4 Large Mushrooms, chopped</li>
<li>Juice from ½ a Lime</li>
<li>2 tbs Pine nuts</li>
<li>3-4 Black Olives, chopped</li>
<li>small bunch fresh Cilantro, chopped</li>
<li>1 cup cooked Black Beans</li>
<li>Hot Sauce, to taste</li>
<li>1/2-3/4 cup Corn Kernels (Fresh off the cob or frozen and thawed)</li>
<li>Optional: Dollop Vegan Sour Cream*, for garnish on top of each of the salad servings</li>
</ul><br><b>Vegan Sour Cream</b><br><ul><li>1 package of silken firm tofu</li>
<li>1 tbs extra virgin olive oil</li>
<li>5 tsps fresh Lemon juice</li>
<li>2 tsp apple cider vinegar</li>
<li>1 tsp honey/ agave nectar / vegan sugar</li>
<li>1/4 tsp sea salt</li>
<li>optional: bit of garlic powder and/or dill + cayenne if you enjoy spiciness</li>
</ul><br><b><br><a href="" target="_blank">Full Instructions</a></b>

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I also love avocado and bean salads. I make them at least twice a week.<br><br>
I'll give your vegan sour cream a try as it sounds really tasty.<br><br>
Thank you for posting ans sharing.

Not such a Beginner ;)
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Ooh, this looks great!! I have a gorgeous avocado, I am going to get figs today and make this, thanks!
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