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Could I suggest a crate for when you can't be home with her?

You could also put her on a feeding schedule, give her about 30-1 hr. after feeding, and then take her potty. Also remember she'll have to go after sleeping, or playing.

Also another thing you could do while your at home, tether her to you.

Keep her collar & leash on at all times, and keep her beside you at all times. Yes this sounds excessive, but it works. Sometimes they'll like to sneak off in a corner and they can't do that if they are following you around the house all day.

As for clean-ups, I would defiantely use some type of enzyme spray to clean up the potty accidents. Just swipe it up with some paper towels, spray with a good pet cleaner (some people like Natures Miracle) and your done.

Also, almost forgot to mention. If you catch her in the "act", clap your hands and startle her (even if she's in mid-stream), then scoot her outside right away and if she finishes up the job then praise her endlessly. As I'm sure you already know, don't ever, ever hit her for having an accident. This will only make her scared of you.


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