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Ok, here is kpickell's thread where I posted some suggestions...

Here is another thread where others posted suggestions...

It seems to be extremely difficult, even here where we have like 25,000 students attending college. Our group consistently has a turnout of about 4 or 5 members. We know a lot of vegetarians but apparently they're busy with other things or the meeting times aren't convenient. However, even when we do things outside of our regular meeting times those that had expressed interest still don't show up. But whatever.
So I guess the hardest part is just getting people to go. And then getting them to stay. It's important to make everyone feel as though they are contributing. I've read that everyone should leave the meeting with something to accomplish and it should be written down so that there is some sense of accountability. You need to have an agenda, something that you hope to accomplish. Also, be well-prepared and keep the meetings upbeat.

Anyway, PETA will send you tons of stuff. And I believe they have a booklet on starting a group. Other than what I posted in kpickell's thread I'm not sure what else to suggest. Are you thinking of starting one? If you have specific questions let me know.
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