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Hard Time Being Vegan :/

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Okay so i've been vegan for about a week and half (maybe a little longer) and i'm having a hard time... The first week was easy but as soon the second week started I had a hard time. My family only goes grocery shopping twice a week and we have a really big family (and everyone eats all the time!) So it's hard to find food in my house that's vegan all I can find are eggs and bread and i'm not eating eggs! Anyway I also keep forgetting what's vegan and what's not I always forget the margarine/butter isn't vegan and I can't eat anything in my house! What am I suppose to eat and what should I put on the grocery list? I'm only 13 so I don't buy the food my parents do.... But I really want to stay vegan so I can help the animals! I also can't stay full I'm always hungry because I can't find any food to keep me full
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What did you eat before you went veg? Peanut butter is vegan, all fruits and veggies are, nuts and seeds, rice, most pasta...
I'm allergic to all nuts... Here in Canada no fruit is fresh so it's hard to find in the winter. And I have no good pasta recipes everything I try to cook just tastes really bad. I'm thinking of just going back to vegetarian because I can't be vegan it's too hard and I'm not getting any food or nutrients. When I was vegetarian I ate: Salads, Pasta, Noodles, Soups, Eggs, Cookies, I could also bake cakes and cookies for the family and we'd all enjoy them.
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