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Hard Time Being Vegan :/

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Okay so i've been vegan for about a week and half (maybe a little longer) and i'm having a hard time... The first week was easy but as soon the second week started I had a hard time. My family only goes grocery shopping twice a week and we have a really big family (and everyone eats all the time!) So it's hard to find food in my house that's vegan all I can find are eggs and bread and i'm not eating eggs! Anyway I also keep forgetting what's vegan and what's not I always forget the margarine/butter isn't vegan and I can't eat anything in my house! What am I suppose to eat and what should I put on the grocery list? I'm only 13 so I don't buy the food my parents do.... But I really want to stay vegan so I can help the animals! I also can't stay full I'm always hungry because I can't find any food to keep me full
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Hi there, sorry to hear that you are having trouble :(

Don't worry your problems are not insurmountable...

Vegan soya spreads (instead of butter) do exist, as do vegan milks and vegan egg substitutes...You can bake cakes with these :)

I would suggest you try tofu or some kind of seasoned tofu as it is pleasant and quick to make into a dinner. You can make vegan macaroni cheese easily too (pasta+soya/rice milk+vegan cheese)...

Vegan sweets and chocolates exist too. It might be that you need to look in another store or online...

Don't give up, you are doing really well :)
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