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Hard Time Being Vegan :/

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Okay so i've been vegan for about a week and half (maybe a little longer) and i'm having a hard time... The first week was easy but as soon the second week started I had a hard time. My family only goes grocery shopping twice a week and we have a really big family (and everyone eats all the time!) So it's hard to find food in my house that's vegan all I can find are eggs and bread and i'm not eating eggs! Anyway I also keep forgetting what's vegan and what's not I always forget the margarine/butter isn't vegan and I can't eat anything in my house! What am I suppose to eat and what should I put on the grocery list? I'm only 13 so I don't buy the food my parents do.... But I really want to stay vegan so I can help the animals! I also can't stay full I'm always hungry because I can't find any food to keep me full
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I'm allergic to all nuts... Here in Canada no fruit is fresh so it's hard to find in the winter. And I have no good pasta recipes everything I try to cook just tastes really bad. I'm thinking of just going back to vegetarian because I can't be vegan it's too hard and I'm not getting any food or nutrients. When I was vegetarian I ate: Salads, Pasta, Noodles, Soups, Eggs, Cookies, I could also bake cakes and cookies for the family and we'd all enjoy them.
Peanut butter is not classified as a nut. Peanut butter is in the legume family. Also, people with nut allergies can often eat seeds. Just something to keep in mind. Hummus is great but is usually made with tahini, which is ground sesame seed paste. there are beans spreads you can make to go in sandwiches, or apple butter to try on toast. Have you ever cooked apples with cinnamon and sugar to get them soft, then spoon them over some toast? Delicious! Even plain applesauces is nice over toast.

Here are some foods you can ask for your family to buy for you that are inexpensive and widely available:
canister of oats
box of raisins
canned or dried beans (garbanzo, black beans, white beans, kidney beans, red beans, lentils, navy beans...)
cans or jars of salsa
cans or jars of tomato sauce and paste and diced tomato
package of tofu
frozen or canned fruits, applesauce
all purpose flour, whole wheat flour, cornflour
rice (brown, white, wild etc)
sweet potatoes, potatoes
dried fruit like bananas, dates, coconut flakes
cider vinegar
pure baking cocoa powder

You can make your own mayonnaise blending silken tofu with cider vinegar, spices like turmeric or garlic powder, and a pinch of sweetener. You can make chocolate pudding blending tofu with cocoa powder, banana (optional), and a little plant milk or water, maybe a little sweetener.

there are a ton of vegan pancake recipes on the web and even on here that you could try. Everyone loves pancakes. I'll bet your family would eat them. Banana pancakes generally do not even require an egg substitute because the banana acts as the binder. And banana bread can very easily be made vegan and there are a ton of vegan banana bread recipes out there that require only simple ingredients. I found Vegweb to be my best friend as a database of vegan recipes that tend to be more mainstream and not too far out there with ingredients.

Just do the best you can under the circumstances, and don't worry about labels.
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