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Hard Time Being Vegan :/

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Okay so i've been vegan for about a week and half (maybe a little longer) and i'm having a hard time... The first week was easy but as soon the second week started I had a hard time. My family only goes grocery shopping twice a week and we have a really big family (and everyone eats all the time!) So it's hard to find food in my house that's vegan all I can find are eggs and bread and i'm not eating eggs! Anyway I also keep forgetting what's vegan and what's not I always forget the margarine/butter isn't vegan and I can't eat anything in my house! What am I suppose to eat and what should I put on the grocery list? I'm only 13 so I don't buy the food my parents do.... But I really want to stay vegan so I can help the animals! I also can't stay full I'm always hungry because I can't find any food to keep me full
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Don't worry, it will get easier! It can be especially hard when you don't necessarily do the grocery shopping, but it sounds like your family is at least somewhat supportive?

That Mercy for Animals guide David3 posted is really nice and has meal ideas as well as nutrition tips.

As far as things to add to the grocery list, I would start planning a few meals and snacks. If you enjoy cooking, look around the internet for vegan recipes and check your local library for vegan cookbooks. Good websites for recipes are, and (just search add vegan to your search to get vegan recipes, or browse their vegan category).

If you have family dinners, you can try to coordinate with the family meal. If everyone is having lasagna, you can make lasagna with a tofu filling instead of cheese. A bread loaf pan works pretty well for a small lasagna. Many jarred pasta sauces are already vegan. For other types of pasta, you can add bean or tofu balls or premade veggie meatballs to make the meal a little more filling. I'm not sure if Gardein products are available where you live, but I like a "chicken parmesan" with Gardein chicken scallopini over spaghetti with marinara sauce, with melted daiya mozzarella and nutritional yeast on top.

You can make a salad more filling by adding sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, canned beans or baked tofu. You can find tons of recipes for baked tofu online -- my favorite is baked with a mixture of soy sauce, lemon juice, oil, garlic powder and a pinch of red chili flakes.

There are several canned soup varieties that are vegan. For some ideas of grocery store prepared foods that are vegan, try PETA's accidentally vegan list: - not sure if you have Progresso brand soup, but the lentil soup is one of my favorites: - have that over some rice, and that is a very easy and tasty meal.

Don't sweat going back to vegetarian while you come up with a plan for how to fill yourself up on a vegan diet. Some people become vegan all at once, but it took me 6 months to a year to become vegan since I knew a gradual change would be easier for me to handle.
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