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okay so im in starbucks and some lady clearly in her 40's trying to look younger..slutty clothes...6 inch boots.. is gabbing with her friend and then starts bragging about her new hair feathers >.<
1. you're 40 and just look pretty ridiculous with hair feathers in your hair
2. they were "in" during the summer havent seem them in anyone's hair for a good month
3. you just got ripped off for a poor rooster's feather
I am 37...not 40.....LOL....and some friends of mine....who are my age and older some 40...LOL...and who know I have been veggie 22 years and know I dont wear any animal products ask me if I wanna come to a hair feather party....they were going to have that done all together just for a day of fun and fashion....I politely decline cause its wrong imo and it looks tacky....just tacky I dont care if you are in your teens or an old lady like me....hehe

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