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happy new year! it is the year of the ram!

Ram in a Flock of Ewes

2003 is the year of the "ram in a flock of ewes". The notion of a ram in the middle of a flock of ewes, (male in the middle of many females) may appear to some to be a position of good fortune. However, much as this may have some benefit, it also means that this year is a year in which it is easy to be seen, and therefore behaviour must be appropriate if you are not to be noticed for the wrong reasons. It will certainly be a year when inappropriate behaviour will be far more noticeable, and open to challenge.

The Ram is the most mild mannered of all of the Chinese zodiac animals, and can be prone to a little nervousness. The ram is an animal that avoids confrontation whenever possible, and a quiet life is always preferred to any other kind.

The direction with which the Ram is associated is not north, south, east or west, but the Chinese fifth direction, (not used in the West) - central. This centrality is perhaps indicative of the Ram's desire for peace and tranquillity, and the avoidance of taking sides. Though not taking sides may be advantageous at times, it may also be perceived as a lack of support for the position held by others, and as such may make for criticism or unsettling times.

This trait may be exacerbated by the Ram's paradoxically sharp tongue. Rarely used in malice, it is often a result of thoughtlessness. It is wise, therefore, in this year to think carefully about what one says, but equally, to try to see beyond the words people actually use, and to understand the motivation behind what is said. Without taking that extra care, confusion may arise, and this may lead to conflict.
your sign on the chinese zodiac in the year of the ram
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