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Hi Liane

I just joined this site today, as well. It is said there is no such thing as a coincidence - so I would be certain that we will find many kindred spirits here. I also found this site through a google search.

I was just going to introduce myself when I read your post and decided to reply. I can relate to what you have written. Eating meat was a lifestyle we learned from the time we were children - and it becomes the norm - so much so that one disregards the reality of the situation.

I, too, share my home with animal friends. My dog is 14 1/2 years old (and still full of energy!) and she is definately my cat's mentor. I have always loved and respected other animals and have a very hard time understanding cruelty. This paradox I have been living with (eating meat and feeling the way I do towards other creatures) has led me here. I can no longer justify eating meat. For me it has become a personal choice. We, as humans, are supposed to be superior in intellect - that to me also means we must be superior in our humanity, as well. I cannot tolerate any form of cruelty - so I must be true to myself. Animals most certainly feel emotion - they also dream, just as we do.

Anyway - I'm glad I found this site. I think it's a positive way to begin a whole new lifestyle.

See you around the site.

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