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Greetings and Salutations!!!

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Been around here before, but not for AGES....long enough to forget all of my info, so I just made a new account. It's been 3 years anyhoo.

Vegetarian, attempting to go "all the way".

Have a couple of chronic health issues, but I don't let them bog me down.

I LOVE all sorts of music...but especially music with intelligence, heart, and SOUL! I am a RABID Gogol Bordello and System of a Down fan. I paint (badly), and write (not so badly), and cook like mad in my spare time.

And why RiotWomyn you might ask. Well, because I'm 36...I'm not a little Grrl any more!

Look forward to living it up with all of you on here! Cheers!
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Hi! Welcome to Veggieboards, I'm a System of a Down fan too.
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Hello and welcome. I hate System of a Down. great voice, but not for metal. his solo work is better. jmo.

ZOMG!!! system of a down are epic! i just learnt aerials on guitar! my favourite bands go
1 the offspring
2 rise against
3 system
and i cant be bothered to list the rest (there arent actually that many)
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