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Global Headquarters Shut Down Day Before Annual Meeting

DALLAS, Tex. - Business at the international headquarters of the

world's most powerful company ground to a halt this morning as the Greenpeace

Global Warming Crimes Unit converged on ExxonMobil's compound in

Irving, Texas. Some members of the Unit are positioned across the entrance

while others have entered the building to serve a list of charges against

the company. The move comes as ExxonMobil's Board of Directors and

international executives attempt to gather from across the world for

tomorrow's Annual General Meeting.

As of 7:45 AM (CDT), 15 members of the Global Warming Crimes Unit are

secured to the main gates, where two police-style vans are parked across

the entrance used by staff and management. More than 30 members of the

Unit have entered the compound, fabled for its high security. Some

members of the Unit, including a Baptist minister, are actually inside the

building, while others are on the roof, holding a banner that brands

the building a "global warming crime scene." Employees arriving to work

are turning away.

James Moore of the Global Warming Crimes Unit said, "This is where

ExxonMobil plots to sabotage all meaningful efforts to solve global

warming. Within these walls, ExxonMobil executives fight to conduct business

as usual while the catastrophe of global warming - which impacts

millions of ordinary people - is completely ignored."

ExxonMobil stands accused of running a 10-year campaign of sabotage

against international efforts to solve global warming. The company has

used its influence and money to block agreements that would reduce global

warming pollution. Recent figures show the company gives millions of

dollars to ultra-conservative groups that aggressively lobby against

action to protect our climate and direct President Bush's extreme energy


The list of charges is accompanied by pages of evidence against the

company. Copies of classified documents and letters demonstrate the unique

role that ExxonMobil has played in sabotaging action on global warming,

fraudulently misrepresenting the science, and lying to the American


"While 109 nations have signed the Kyoto Protocol to fight global

warming, ExxonMobil has done all it can to ensure the United States sits on

the sidelines," added Moore. "We will leave only when the company

agrees to stop sabotaging international action on global warming. Meanwhile,

everyone can help by refusing to buy gas from ExxonMobil."


Please don't forget to visit the Greenpeace Cyberactivist Community at:
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