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Hi Guys! I'm not raw, but I was at Seattle's Vegfest on Sunday and I got to see a cooking demo by Jennifer Cornbleet, author of Raw Food made Easy. She made a raw chocolate cake topped with raspberries...looked beautiful! And she did a lot of Q&A about raw, she was so inspiring because she was energetic and vibrant and so nice! I also liked that she said she's not 100% raw ALL the time and she'll make exceptions here and there (like using regular organic cocoa powder instead of springing for the expensive raw version). She really made eating a raw diet seem accessible and possible!

I bought her Raw Food Made Easy cooking DVD and it was great! I am so inspired to try a bunch of new recipes now. The best thing is, the only appliances she uses are a blender and food processor, so I can actually TRY the recipes with what I've got!

Anyway, I'm just excited and had to share, plus put a plug in for her book (which I am holding for at my library right now - they were sold out by the time I got to the book counter at VegFest!)
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