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Got BGH?

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SO I just heard a radio advertisement about give your children milk and they'll thank you for it later. Yeah by getting infections, ingesting Bovine Growth Hormones and countless antibiotics. YUCK!
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I should go to my mother and damn her for feeding me milk.

It's a good thing I turned out 6'2", thin, and to have a high IQ, or she'd really be in trouble.
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milk is great that is all i drink. i don't like water so when i get thirsty i drink milk. YUM!
You don't like water? How can a creature composed predominantly of water not like it? I can understand not thinking it's the next best thing to beer, but geez...

LOL. Hope you don't get stranded in the desert without any milk.
Even before I was a veggie, I would water down the milk my mom would by because I thought it tasted disgusting. But now that I'm educated about what goes into it.....
I won't even let my infant daughter drink any. I love when people tell me she needs the fat from it! That's makes me laugh. HA.
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I really don't like water either, but lately I realized, and this is strange, that I only dislike water if I drink it out of glass because it sweats. So, I've been drinking it out of a thick plastic cup lately, that doesn't sweat, and I've been drinking at least my 64oz a day!

I think it was just the feel of a wet glass that annoyed me...

This is the strangest thing I've ever admitted to anyone.
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Don't feel bad, I can only drink large amounts of water if its in one of those plastic bottles with the pull up top!
I drink more water if it's in a half liter or liter-sized bottle. I especially like the wide-mouth Aquafina bottles. For some reason I drink more from those than any other container I ever used.
"milk sux, water rox!" - Albert Einstein 2092
I'll drink water out of a shot glass anyday.

Milk Sux. Righto Albert. Makes me all pastey inside. Mucky mucky.
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