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I emailed GOSH yesterday to find out which of their products are vegan. GOSH are a cosmetics line which sell online and in Superdrug. I'm a big fan of their range but have been holding off in case of unvegan-ness! Anyway, here is the email I received this morning:

I can inform you that GOSH Cosmetics does not test any products on animals. Neither do we commission others to do animal testing of ingredients or finished products. European law has banned animal testing of cosmetics.

"Several of our products contain ingredients of animal origin. For instance bees wax, lanolin, carmine, silk protein. Please find below a list of GOSH products that are free of animal ingredients and suitable for vegans:

This is true for all Colours in each particular range unless when specified:

Glamorous Eye Shadow: (10 Gold, 11 Silver, 12 Aqua, 13 Beige, 14 Grey/ Brown, 15 Bottle Green).
Kohl/Eye Liner: (Black, Expresso, White).
Eye Liner Pen (Liquid).
Extreme Art Eyeliner : (1 Purple, 2 Copper, 7 Black, 8 Light Blue,10 Deep Sea Blue, 11 Aqua, 12 Grass Green, 13 Gold, 14 Sølv, 18 Mulit Glitter, 19 Sølv Glitter 20 Gold Glitter 21 Aqua Glitter, 22 Green/ Gold, 23 Dragon Green,25 Metallic Gray, 26 Purple Glitter).
Let´s Twist Eye Liner Waterproof: (Grey Mink, Carbon Black, Soft Splash, So Blue, Green Gate, Blue Grass, Aqua Line, 3 Orange, 4 Yellow, 5 Light Green, 6 Olive Green, Kamikaze, Easy Mango).
Eye Brow Pencil.
Looooong Lash Mascara.
Amazing Length´n Build Mascara
Flirty Curl Mascara.
Effect Powder: (Copper, Sky, Mink, Satin, Glamour, Gold Dust, Kiwi, Azure, Steel, Meringue, Blaze, Apple Jam, Plummy, Greeny, Holographic Silver, Blue Diamond, Fox).
X- Ceptional Wear Foundation.
Velvet Touch Foundation Primer.
Velvet Touch Apricot Primer.
Cover Corrector Stick.
Touch Up Concealer.
Pressed Powder.
Pressed Sun Powder.
Giant Sun Powder.
Precious Powder Pearls.
On Stage Cool Lip Jam: (100 White, 101 Blue, 102 Peach, 103 Brown, 104 Orange, 105 Plum, 107 Nature).
Soft´n Shine Lip Balm: (30 Barbie, 31 Passion Pink, 32 Angle, 33 Scarlet, 35 Antique Gold, 36 Mocha, 37 Soft Touch, 38 Aubergine, 39 Sweetheart, 40 Irony, 41 Kiss).
Light´n Shine Lip Glaze: (01 White, 02 Pink, 03 Soft Rosa, 05 Blomme, 06 Light Brown).
Nail Lacquer.

Kind regards

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Oh thanks for sharing! I love finding out about vegan make up in actual shops. I don't like to buy it online, and it's good to have a wide range of choices.
Excellent. I think I'll try out their face powder, I currently use the body shop one because I go through it so quick I don't want to pay a lot of money... but even that's £12 or something similar, and I don't even like it. Time to try something new!


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Is it really geeky that I want to print this off?
Ive only tried one gosh thing before and it was crap, but I'd try again armed with my list! Shame no blusher is listed, i desperately need a new one

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The lip glazes , powder pearls and touch up concealer are really really good
. ****ty foundations though.
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