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Don't forget to disable all the useless programs at start like printer, bluetooth or even ucp or whatever the name of the daemon that synchronizes your clock with internet. A few of those off and your battery can last longer. You can also disable the smoothness of the letters, all the graphical effects, the index for file searching ( wich means that you won't really be able to find a file via a search box ) etc etc. If you are not scared you can even simply delete the related code rather than disabling it. Make also your screen luminosity a little darker.

Have fun ^^
With windows you can still do file searching, if file indexing is disabled. It just means a file search takes much longer. As well as doing file searching in windows, you can also do file searching in a command window - which is unindexed but which goes faster than an un-indexed windows file search. Not sure about windows 7 but Windows xp allows no control over how it does processoror-consuming file-indexing. You can get a separate file indexing and searching program over which you have more control.
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