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Originally Posted by Lord Hillyer View Post

I recommend getting your custom RDA values here:

And then making your own custom multivitamin, with whatever herbs you want, here:

But don't get the beta carotene for your Vitamin A. The artificial kind as used in supplements and multivitamins causes cancer.

If you go the custom capsule route, pull apart the capsules and put the powder into a drink. The capsule shell is not vegan and in any event is senseless to ingest.

This strikes me as odd. Even if you're not consuming the non-vegan capsule shell, you're still buying it. That would seem to be a non-vegan thing to do.

I'm not judging or anything - I'm not vegan myself, but I'm leaning in that direction, so I'm sure you're still more vegan than I am. Just a comment that I think it seems odd to buy something non-vegan, then refuse to use it.


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