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Hola !!

i recently became a vegaterian
and i wanna know (dont know if its a stupid question. if so my apolgies) im breastfeeding a 1 month old baby boy
, does this have any type of side effect on the baby ? lack of nutrient or something due to the change ??

anvther thing i wanna ask u are a few tips, ideas, suggestions, what happen with ur body know when u made the transition.. im an animal lover 200% i was already thinking on going withouts meats, but when i looked for info on how they are treating this poor animals in the slaughter houses i just could not stand it. i serioulsy dont even know how this is even legal... so anyways i looked for info and i want to stick to this, really do, and i know i can

no meats, no poulrty, no eggs and no more cows milk ! yay for soy milk,lol
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