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is your doctor supportive? The only reason i ask is as a momma to be in 1 month, having my doctor behind me has been a huge help when people confront me about my dietary choices.
I think as long as you are eating a well balanced diet (vegetarian/vegan) that you should be fine. Are you still taking pre-natals? The biggest two things I would be concerned about are vitamin D and Vitamin B12, which are attainable by access to sunlight and supplements.

When i made the transition I was also quitting smoking, so I'm not sure which "side effects" were related to either, i had a bit of congestion and was gassy/bloated. That was about it.

You will need to listen to your body and perhaps it would be worth tracking what you are eating into a program that checks what you are eating (fit today, myplate or something like that ((i think)) hopefully someone else can tell you the site, I can't remember it right now). Make sure you are eating enough, and eating a good variety of foods (which is so easy!)

If you are lacto ovo, I can't see any reason to worry about protein, but again tracking your food is a sure way to know what you are eating and that it is enough.
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