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Sigh!!! I just lost a friendship for over 22 years or so. We started drifting apart when I moved to another state and she was getting more friendships that shared her intrest of anime and spirits. She's been stating that she speaks to a spirit that she thinks its an anime person. She said that it was a Blessing from God and she knows its from God. I told her these things are not from God and from then and out for several years we had a big battle of our beliefs , Values and lifestyles. I tried to reconcile the friendship this year but all I was able to get through to her was her husband to leave her alone and to get her out of her life. There were more to this then I want to put on a forum however, I am hurt that the years we spent are gone , she was even my matron of honor and I always put her first before my own sisters. I thought my sister's hated me until I stopped this friendship and I learned the hard way they don't.
Friends comes and goes and people comes and goes in and out of your live path. Our life is just like a train , When people gets off a real train they go to their destination. They either go to to their perminate destnation or they hop back on for more to ride.
All I am saying is that those that are in your life now respects your decision and respects what you are.
So I am sorry your friend from childhood is going back route however, things happen for a reason.
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