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getting the hang of 'balance'

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its good.

my only remaining query is that i know too much animal protein is detrimental..but is too much plant protein bad too ? I eat lots of complex carbs..(and lots of simple ones..sometimes..eheh) so im not talking in terms of 'too much protein, not enough of something else'..i more mean...protein as it is. if that makes sense. because i eat double or more what is 'recommended'. hmmm....
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sorry, i just worry that my idea of balance..isn't very balanced at all. i eat a lot of fruit. thats sugar. i eat a lot of ..everything . hmm. its all wholesome and healthy..but its..just..i ..yeah. i dont know
just trying to know whats what. and yes, i know,'stress less'. i do. i have been. which is why i want to check that thats ok before i get too used to being so carefree..
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I don't understand your question. If you eat a lot of everything, maybe you eat everything, but it's balanced. But depending on your goals, you may want to cut back on some foods. For example, balanced my mean an exact macronutrient ratio like 33% fat, 33% carbs, 33% protien. What is the recomended amount of protien? Remember, bodybuilders take 1 to 2 grams of protien per pounds, whereas regular peops are recomended to take around 50 grams of protien per day. Huge difference.
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