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There's a folk singer named Antje Duvekot. She was born in Germany and grew up there until age 13, when she came to the US. She now lives in Massachusetts.

She has a track on one of her albums called "German Camp." What this apparently is about is a summer camp for kids in the US, but where the camp counselors would only speak to the kids in German. So I guess the idea was to provide an "immersion" experience for the kids without their having to go to Germany or outside the US to get it.

Have any of you heard of "foreign language" summer camps? I had never heard of this before. They weren't around when I was in school.

Part of the track consists of Antje singing a song in German that she composed for the kids. It's about adopting a pig as a pet, because that will make you happy. It sounds like a silly children's song that is geared toward younger kids.

Do you have any idea what ages the kids are who might go to these foreign language camps?
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