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.....THAT IS..... Anything that you want you can put here, except I ask you to consider I have 2 varieties (or will shortly from existing thread) that already cover bookmark utilities and bookmark how-to's, so if you have suggestions in that area go to those other threads and post..... BUT anything else~ fine I guess....So try in this thread to attempt what you consider= quite compact (Lite/ Smallish, etc) FREE software utilities please!


my words:

To kick off: (this sounds like a good example -- and good utility to own I THINK!!! -- and a thing typical of the thing I mean as far as "lite+FREE" software goes, as a term used generally)

Again, In my words: MediaPlayer in minimal form I guess? which appears to line up and get ready to play what you extracted from sites which house videos which otherwise you have to view as they are on the web.

So its like a Simple Flash/other movie Player I think is what it is.... (takes in Utube/ google Vids/ Flash Movies)


"Movies Extractor Scout Lite allows to view flash movies, videos and animation extracted from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers."

Originally Posted by SurfPack (software freebie site) View Post

Free handy utility that allow you to view flash movies (SWF,EXE, FLV, Shockwave), videos and flash games extracted from YouTube, Google Video, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers. Can capture frames from movie to BMP images.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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