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Hi everyone,

My name is James, I have checked out the veggie boards a few times over the past year ever since I have given up land based meat. I wouldnt call myself a full on vegetarian as I still have seafood occasionally along with drinking milk and eating eggs. Giving up beef, pork and chicken has been really easy. I have always enjoyed vegetables and now life is even better as I get to enjoy them in greater quantities. My reasons cutting out meat from my diet I would say are part ethical, part health and also environmental. I am not the sort of person that would start preaching to people the goodness of giving up meat. Its truly up to the individual to make the decision. I come from a background like many where meat is served with every meal. It was not until my divorce and then living with a vegetarian did I find it the right time to make the change. I know that my change is not the most dramatic you will find here but I am happy with my decision and feel better for it. When it comes to eggs I always buy free range and sustainable seafood although my consumption of these is a lot lower than before.

I still find eating out with my meat eating friends difficult as many restaurants still lack good vegetarian options and some of my friends still pour scorn on the idea of me giving up meat. As I said I am not one to preach that my way is the best way but this is the best way for me. I am even leaving the choice of whether my children want to eat meat or not up to them. My ex was worried that I would brain wash our daughters aged five and eight into being vegetarians. So now I give them quorn which they actually like and try and be adventurous with vegetables. Overall what I have found is that I am eating a more exciting range of food and now love cooking!!

Enough about me!!!
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