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You're right about that index; the best way to bring the index number down is to chop down the text into shorter sentences. I've used it when writing for specific reading levels. Before getting to know it in MS Word, I thought the biggest barrier to readability would be use of low-frequency "high vocabulary" words.
Yes, that's one easy way to make something easier to understand. It also has the benefit of increasing the number of people who will read it.
The fact that he hasn't even bothered to consider readability says a lot about what he values and about how he measures success.

I've pointed out before that Francione's criticisms of welfarism are - by his own admission - based on intuition not on any empirical evidence. The fact that he would spend so much time and energy promoting his untested, unproved theory is bad enough. But it's absolutely reprehensible that he would produce leaflets that completely fail at the primary purpose of advocacy - to be understood.

If it were acceptable for only a tiny percentage of people to understand animal advocacy then we wouldn't need animal advocates. The animals have their own voices and they speak up in opposition to their treatment. They are not voiceless. Just watch Farm to Fridge and hear the animals scream, cry, whine, beg for mercy...

The problem is not that animals don't have a voice, the problem is that they are not understood. Most people do not hear the animals' cries of pain as pain. They need another human being to explain it. And it needs to be explained in a way that makes sense to that person, a way that fits with their worldview, experience, education level, etc.
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