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I have been harvesting pounds of tomatoes for the last two weeks. The tomatoes started ripening around the middle of July.
The Tomatoes I am currently harvesting were transplanted at the beginning of May, while the other half of the Tomato garden was planted at the beginning of June.
The later Tomatoes will start putting off at the beginning of August. It seems Tomatoes take five months of growth before they start putting off fruit.

Here are some of the photos of the Tomato harvest...
07/17/14 Harvest 07/25/14 Harvest
07/27/14 Harvest

The Cucumbers were sown at the beginning of May, and they are finally producing during the middle of July. I probably planted over 400 Cucumber seeds, only one third put off Plants while a quarter are producing Fruit due to location of plants (shady). I have already harvested many cucumbers this week alone. I expect them to put off for another month and a half, which may equate to 80-100 Cucumber fruits.

Here are the photos of Cucumber harvests...

07/25/14 Harvest
07/25/14 Harvest The Greens (lettuces, spinach, and kale) were sown at the beginning of April and after a month I began to harvest 2 lbs of greens every week for two months. Because the greens are growing at my Grandparent's house, I am unable to harvest everyday, and because I did not harvest regularly the greens got old and bitter after two months. I was still able to harvest up until two weeks ago, so I am satisfied. I perhaps spent $12 for greens and got back $40 worth.
After the ground dries I will be tilling to plant more greens for a Fall harvest. I will sow them at the beginning of August, and begin to harvest by September. The greens will die out around October.

Here are photos of the first Lettuce harvests...

I am saddened by the progress of the Squash. I have always had success with the Zucchini and Yellow Squash. I transplanted them at the beginning of May, and I certainly expected to harvest much more than I have, especially since there was a Gigantic Zucchini plant. Here are some photos of the Squash harvest so far...

07/10/14 Harvest

Black eyed pea harvest...

07/29/14 Harvest

Some pictures of fruits I also harvested...


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Tomato and pepper harvest from today, july 30th...

I will be harvesting Cantaloupe and pumpkin fruits in the next month or so, around September or October. In my
I show you the eight cantaloupe fruits, butternut squash and pumpkins growing in my compost bins. Here are a few photos of them...

butternut eight cantaloupe
cantaloupe 8
cantaloupe 7
cantaloupe 6

pumpkin 2
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