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What are the realistic alternatives if we do so?
It seems that this country continues to make the excuse "We aren't ready to change over to renewables" or "Renewables aren't far enough along. We'll be using oil in the near future anyway." When exactly does this stop? If renewables received a fraction of the subsidies that fossil fuels receive, we wouldn't be talking about pipelines. We need to put our foot down.

Besides, the oil isn't even guaranteed to go to the U.S. It's a commodity and will likely be sold to whomever on the global market. Quite frankly, I don't care if it's Canada's oil and they are our friends. I don't want to be dependent on ANYONE for energy. The job figures are also overstated and there's a lot uncertainty about the risk that the pipeline carries to groundwater resources and if it really is worth the reward.
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