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It turns out that the silly Fur is Green campaign might not be so wrong after all that is if you consider blooms of toxic algae plaguing lakes near Canadian fur farms, green. Or perhaps the vomiting or diarrhea caused by exposure to this algae could be considered green as well (some of us were already barfing from the website). Would fur fans like the Olsen sisters (above) be grossed out by this news? Probably.
Mink farms in Nova Scotia are making people sick, literally. A recent study of Yarmouth area lakes by Acadia Universitys Center for Estuarine Research found that Lake Vaughan, Ogden and Fanning contained blooms of blueishgreen toxic algae called cyanobacteria, that may result in an outright environmental disaster, as Tri-County Watershed Protection Associations Debbie Boudreau claims. These blooms are being blamed on a growing number of nearby mink farms whose feces, dead bodies, and waste has been dumped in the lakes for years at a growing rate. Residents have been fighting the farms for almost two decades, but the farms continue to expand and the effects of fecal bacteria and toxic algae are beginning to pose a serious threat to watersheds and reservoirs. Many citizens are worried that the reservoir of Lake George is next, and this will affect drinking water.
All that goo and cruelty too.
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