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(Umm, Im not sure where this should go, so I decided to put it here)

So, the Japenese were in the bad books of the world because they wanted to kill whales for "scientific purposes" There were major debates over this and the Japenese were winning. They were the only happy ones about this.

So, recently I saw an episode of The Chasers (I love them, I really do)
. They had taken this fact on board, and made some footage for their show. It consisted of them going up to Japanese tourists, tapping them very politely on the shoulder, and very politely asking them whether they could harpoon them with their plastic harpoons, for 'scientific purposes'. It was Hilarious!

Now, Ive gotta say for the Japanese, they were pretty good about it. Two even took off in an exaggereated run, letting the chasers 'harpoon them'.

Then again, you dont take The Chasers seriously. The full title of their show is 'The Chasers War On Everything'. I mean, they do everything. They tried to hug the PM with a chainsaw (after a teen hugged him with a screwdriver at a school and it was caught on film). They noted that people with black stockings over their heads were not often welcome in banks, and went to test this theory out themselves (everyone dropped flat on the floor as soon as they walked in).

Go look them up on Youtube. You are not very likely to regret it.
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